Our Process


When you choose to build a high-end, unique home, you want to ensure your home builder has a clear and concise vision of what you’re looking for. At Rae Marie Homes in Spearfish, South Dakota, our in-depth consultation process guarantees that not a single detail will be missed in the completion of your dream home.

Deciding that a custom home is right for you means you’re willing to invest to get the perfect house. As a boutique builder, we offer highly specialized construction services to partner with your commitment. We focus on meeting and exceeding our client's needs like no other. Our commitment to personalized service and time for every client results in an effective process of moving you into your dream home. At every step of the way, we work closely with our clients, consultants, and artisans to ensure that every detail is constructed efficiently and beautifully. We value consistent, clear, and transparent communication and utilize accessible software to keep our projects organized and cost-efficient. We work directly with you from start to finish to ensure you understand the process and feel comfortable with every decision.

Our business is built on three cornerstones: family, honesty, and unmatched quality. Whether you’re a South Dakota native or you’re relocating to the Black Hills area, Rae Marie Homes can create a unique, customized home that you and your family will love. Our decades of home building experience and knowledge partnered with our uniquely personable approach with make you feel like a trusted, extended family member is the one designing and building your home for you.

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